Salzsee ’17

It comes with great joy to announce Salzsee 2017. Last years show was such a fantastic representation of what a great car culture our state of Utah houses.


One of the things that we take great passion in for our show, is our location. We believe having a stunning setting for our show only adds to the entire experience. Big Cottonwood Canyon is home to some of the best landscapes that Utah has to offer. We believe that Solitude was such a great location last year, that there isn’t any other place we’d rather be. The show this year will be hosted at Solitude, again!


We also have been working diligently in securing local sponsors for our show. The sponsors aren’t just selected because they are local, we have picked them because we feel that they are some of the best people in the industry. They are people that we personally have dealt with and trust and we are thankful to have every single one of them attending and supporting Salzsee.